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Milwaukee, WI

Private Detective Training Academy

The training and certification you receive will prepare you for a successful career as a private detective / investigator. Through a series of sessions, within four months you will learn valuable investigative techniques and skills needed to work in the field of investigations.

  • Wisconsin Statutes and Rules
  • Interviewing Prospective Clients; Establishing Guidelines and Expectations
  • Investigating and Reporting Techniques
  • Evidence Gathering and Preserving
  • Public Record Searches and Background Investigations
  • Surveillance Techniques and Equipment
  • Forensic / Crime Scene Investigation
  • Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques
  • Report Preparation and Writing
  • Testify at Depositions and in Court
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibilities
  • The Law – Criminal and Civil Liability

Requirements: The State of Wisconsin requires a private detective / investigator to be licensed and 18 years an older. To obtain a license you must be employed by a private detective agency or own a private detective agency. If applicant has ever been convicted of a felony in Wisconsin or any other state and has not been pardoned the applicant cannot receive a license.

The applicant must pass an evaluation / background investigation by the State and Federal Department of Justice. After you pass the evaluation you can take the state examination covering laws and regulations for a private detective license.

Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Rules must be followed. No person may act as a private detective / investigator or advertise a private detective agency until the proper licenses has been issued.

We are experts in the field of investigations and we will help you get licensed to be able to work as a private detective / investigator.